SNSD’s Together-dining picture released!


SNSD’s together-dining picture has been recently released.

Making a special appearance for the last episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, broadcasted on 5th February, the girls revealed the photo of their dining gather at Japan accommodation.

In the picture shows the pleasantly simple attitude of SNSD through their completely bared faces and casual pajamas. Seohyun was wearing the beauty-mask and Hyoyeon had wrapped the towel over her head, showing off the girls’ easygoing charisma. Especially on the table, canned beer which does not really match to SNSD’s image was captured and it has sparked a great attention from fans.

The relevant photo was taken by Yoona during the celebration of Yuri’s birthday at the second floor in their lodging at Japan.

Boom, who had learned about the picture, made a crack funnily about Hyoyeon outlook as stating, “Isn’t it Ms. Chae Ri Na?”,causing everyone burst into laughters.

After seeing the photo, Sooyoung explained to other participators, “The place was our accommodation at Japan.” “We just bought some canned beer and drank among ourselves,” she added.

Meanwhile, on that day episode, SNSD members came to clarify their interesting stories in conglomerates.

Credits: TheSoneSource | Nate | Girls`Generation Universe

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