SNSD’s ‘Gee’ Becomes First Idol Group MV to Reach 100 Million Views!



After setting a huge trend with even babies singing and dancing along, Girls’ Generation reached 100 million views on Youtube for Gee.

As of April 1, 2013, Gee has over 100 million views, after being released in June of 2009. 

While Psy still holds the record for most viewed video on Youtube, SNSD has set a new record with Gee being the most viewed video by a Kpop idol group. 

Gee became a huge turning point in SNSD’s career as it pushed the group to even greater fame, just as the hallyu wave began spreading globally. Gee took Korea by storm, staying at the top of music charts for nine weeks straight, as well as allowing a countless number of parodies to be born. 

Credits: SM Entertainment | enewsworld | Girls‘ Generation Universe

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