SNSD Taeyeon shows off her make-up kit!





Showcasing her make-up kit, check out her photo below as she shared, “I do my own makeup for the tour~ because it’s fun 🙂 i’m going to do it prettily! see u soon ♥“.

Contrary to our post yesterday, we are now inclined to believe that Taeyeon’s Instagram is real, and hopefully SM Entertainment would release a statement to really confirm it once and for all.

For those who missed: Taeyeon’s instagram is


Just beware of other accounts as after it spread that there’s a “taeyeon_ss” account on Instagram, some people began creating fake accounts with “snsdmembername_ss”, Jessica_ss and Tiffany_ss were already taken by other persons long time ago so those who wanted to create fake accounts weren’t able to take that and luckily, other fans who noticed the sudden creation of fake accounts, took the initiative to create the account and then set it to private to prevent those who wanted to create fake accounts using SNSD’s names.

Credits: wonderfulgeneration | chosshi | Girls‘ Generation Universe

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