SNSD Sooyoung at the PressCon of ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’

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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung went out to attend the press conference for her upcoming drama titled ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’.

During the event, Sooyoung expressed, “It’s true that, at first, being the lead role in itself was a burden.  However, the seniors and juniors here, along with the director, lead me well, and thanks to their help, I’m having fun filming. Even if we do individual activities, we’re the type to have a meeting as a group. We discuss things like, ‘There’s a script like this, I think this person is going to be in it’, and are the types to generally share [this information].  All the members supported me when I decided on appearing in this drama. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to them”.

The drama will start airing this Monday, May 27th!

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Credits: wonderfulgeneration | chossi |  Girls‘ Generation Universe


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