SNSD Pop-Up Café Opens on Seoul′s Garosugil!

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s pop-up café is finally open for business!

Following the announcement that a SNSD-themed café would be opening in Seoul this month, the pop-up café, Girls’ Generation Express, opened its doors to customers on Sinsadong’s Garosugil on February 7.

From coffee shop cakes and confections to SNSD memorabilia, the café is a dream one-stop shop for K-Pop fans. Mamonde cosmetics and Girl de Provence fragrances will also be sold at the store, adding to the girly vibe that is signature to SNSD. 

The pop-up café will be running from February 7 to 17, so if you’re in the Seoul area, hurry in for a warm drink, sweet treats and, of course, to stock up on SNSD memorabilia


Credits: SM Entertainment | Girls`Generation Universe

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