SNSD Hyoyeon’s rumor and SM Entertainment Statement really true?!


With the flood of traffic and inquiries about the Hyoyeon rumor involving her with Jay Joonhyung Kim, our sources have confirmed that it was merely a troll post.  An opinion by some anonymous fan, but  it indeed got our hearts pumping, and intrigued. I personally was trolled.  The amount of buzz this rumor produced, just goes to show how strongly SONEs feel about Hyoyeon.

Though this post may still be part of the Hyoyeon rumor buzzing around, some facts still do stand out.  The Instagram photo that started the rumor was indeed taken down the same day it went viral and the photos below show just how close as friends Hyoyeon and Jay Joonhyung Kim are.  Quite close wouldn’t you say.


But in my opinion, if Hyoyeon is, indeed dating this man, then I believe she has picked quite nicely.  With the data and reputation backing up this guy, he seems as close as you can get to Superman or even Mr. Bruce Wayne.  In short this is one fine descent guy that Hyoyeon has chosen.  And I for one am truly happy for her if the rumors are indeed true.

Well, SoshifiedsPH will still need to wait for an official statement from SME.

What this incident really got me thinking about is, are we ready for the time that our girls are all engaged?  What do you think?

SM Entertainment Statement: Hyoyeon has a Boyfriend!?

Well it’s been confirmed, (Not sure if its really from SM ENT) Hyoyeon has a boyfriend.  SM Entertainment has released their statement saying:

“We are happy for Hyoyeon to have found someone willing to accept her appearance. We hope fans will continue supporting Hyoyeon and respect her relationship.”

And we are also happy for Hyoyeon who’s wish is to be in a relationship as she once said on Intimate Note.  The buzz started with a couple of photos from Instagram and ended with this statement.

But just who is this Jay Joonhyung Kim, or should we call him, Hyoyeon’s boyfriend.  Here’s a quick bio of Girls’ Generation’s newest brother-in-law.

  • Born in 1980
  • Graduated ‘Summa Cum Laude’ from the University of Massachusetts
  • Received a total of 11 scholarships.
  • Interned at the Dana-Farver/Harvard Medical Center
  • Currently working at the Samsung Medium Solution Center as a part of their media service group, overseeing production of mobile apps, books, music, and movie content.
  • Travels 50 countries in a year.
  • Suffered a life threatening accident that injured his heart and crushed his left leg in 7 pieces
  • Trained for a rescue license in Egypt.
  • Skilled in various sports like horseback riding, skating, skiing, golf, yoga, scuba diving, tennis, badminton, wakeboarding, baseball, swimming, marathon training.
  • He is a mentor for high school and juvenile students.

This guy is like James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Superman and Macgyver rolled into one.  Hyoyeon is quite blessed to have found such a man.  He would truly serve as Hyoyeon’s inspiration as they prepare for their world tour.

(But im not yet convinced cause there’s no legit news confirming it direct from SM or any related artist from SM)

Credits: SoshifiedPH | AllKpop Forums| AsianFanFics


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