SNSD Hyoyeon rumored to be dating someone!

4Seems like a few fans already knew about this ㅋㅋ I didn’t find out until I searched it up. 

During SNSD’s Japanese broadcast, Hyoyeon’s smartphone lit up with the ‘Between’ app alarm sound ㅋㅋ The app is exclusively for couples. Occurs at the 5:09 minute mark on this YouTube video

This is also a video with Hyoyeon and her boyfriend Kim Jun Hyung vacationing together in Hong Kong -> Thailand. The guy with the hat is the scriptwriter. The guy in the white shirt is just an associate. 

The following pictures are taken from Kim Jun Hyung’s instagram.


Guy behind Hyoyeon is Kim Jun Hyung


cHeart sticker is Hyoyeon



So who is Kim Jun Hyung? Born in 1980, he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts and received a total of 11 scholarships. He interned at the Dana-Farver/Harvard Medical Center and is currently working at the Samsung Medium Solution Center as a part of their media service group, overseeing the production of mobile apps, books, music, and movie content. 

He’s also traveled 50 countries in a year, trained for a rescue license in Egypt, skilled in various sports like horseback riding, skating, skiing, golf, yoga, scuba diving, tennis, bad minton, wakeboarding, baseball, swimming, marathon training, etc. He is a mentor for high school and juvie students. 

“They’re old enough to be dating, I don’t know why anyone would make a fuss over their age.” 

“The guy’s amazing, I think they match each other well.” 

“I don’t know why a few coincidental pictures of them together always lead to dating rumors. Can’t they just be friends? It’s not like you can only go on vacation with your lovers.” 

“I just want Hyoyeon to be happy, she was tortured so much during her debut with haters -.-” 

“I don’t care for the rest of the pictures, but the first video is definitely the Between app alarm.” 

“I don’t know if she’s dating or not but I really hope that she has a boyfriend and is happy with her life ^^” 

“If it’s a guy like that, I’m totally for her dating! There’s nothing wrong with dating, she’s not a kid anymore ㅋㅋ Doesn’t mean you have to live alone for the rest of your life just because you’re an idol.” 

“The guy’s specs are amazing.” 

“I feel like Hyoyeon’s fans would actually be happy for her.” 

“She’s actually dating a decent guy ㅋㅋ Way better than dating a loser.” 

“Whether he’s a friend or a boyfriend, I’m just glad he seems like a decent guy.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ” 

“Better than dating a guy like Leeteuk…” 

“Well, I guess we can’t be too sure yet with just this alone as proof… but I feel like with a guy with his specs, I’d be happy for her if she got married to him.” 

Additional evidence for Hyoyeon’s dating rumor!

I guess SM’s giving us the silent treatment and not doing anything about Hyoyeon’s dating rumor….Good call. Anyway, I was just scrolling down tumblr along the hyoyeon tag, and I came across this picture:


As you can see, the guy in black is supposedly Hyoyeon’s boyfriend. In the first picture, we see them wearing matching shoes. Even though the color is slightly different, Jay is wearing the orange ones, and Hyo with the pink ones, they still both have the same design. In the second picture, we see Jay…I guess playing with Hyo’s hair? Or, Jay was messing with her shirt.

So with all this evidence plus the ones from the previous days and the Thai model…I guess it’s true. And I hope SM, along with Hyoyeon’s approval would confirm it. I don’t think SONES would mind, and from I see it, they’re rather supportive.



There are lots of questions that arise. 

Who’s that ‘friend of mine’ dating with Hyoyeon? Is it Jay Joonhyung Kim? 

Was that a slip of tongue? 

What happened to the picture? Was it deleted intentionally or not? Was the picture deleted to cover up the ‘slip of tongue’ ? 

A lot of answers needed.

However,if they are really dating and they are both single, there’s nothing to hide about. But if privacy is their concern (I reiterate, if they are really dating), everyone deserves that right to privacy.

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(PS: I made this post not because i like to post topics like this but it’s just right to let SONES know what’s happening. (RUMORS and NEWS)

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