SNSD Brings ‘Strong Heart’ to Double Digits!



Girls’ Generation (SNSD) appeared on SBS’ Strong Heart on Tuesday night and the group did wonders for the program as the ratings went up from 8.8 percent (January 29) to 10.3 percent. 

It also helped that SM Entertainment’s ‘youngest,’ Jun Hyun Moo was also on the show to deliver hilarious stories that had the SNSD girls crying in laughter. 

There will be one more episode to Strong Heart, before it restarts with Strong Heart 2 on February 19.

Meanwhile, both MBC′s Horse Doctor and SBS′ Yawang recorded its best numbers.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


8:15 PM

KBS Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! 29->29.4 percent

10:00 PM

1. MBC Horse Doctor 22.4->23.7 percent

2. SBS Yawang 12.7->15.3 percent

3. KBS Ad Genius, Lee Tae Baek 4.3->4.4 percent

11:00 PM

tvN Flower Boys Next Door 1.39 percent (tvN+OnStyle)**


1. SBS Strong Heart 10.3 percent

2. KBS 1 VS 100 9.0 percent

3. KBS Family 7.9 percent

4. MBC Blind Test 180 Degrees 7.3 percent

5. KBS Moonlight Prince 4.2 percent

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielson Media Research
** Number may vary due to calculations and other factors

Credits: SBS | enewsworld | Girls`Generation Universe

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