Shinhwa’s Dongwan advises Sooyoung ‘Cause more trouble!’



The second part of Shinhwa’s Broadcast will be aired on February 17th featuring SNSD in which Shinhwa’s Dongwan gave an unsual advice to Sooyoung.

In this episode, Shinhwa and SNSD shared their concerns and had a heart to heart talk. Sooyoung then asked, “Is it alright to try doing things you want though you might regret it afterwards?” in which Dongwan replied, “When you look back on your twenties, you will regret not doing things you were afraid of. In my case, if I were your age, I would bring more trouble, as long as I won’t harm other people.”

In addition to that, Shinhwa also shared tips on how to keep same members for 15 years without changing anyone from them.
This episdoe will be broadcasted on February 17 at 7:35 p.m.

Credits: dkpopnews | Girls‘ Generation Universe

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