Jessica tops for SNSD Popularity Ranking in Japan!



SNSD’s members popularity ranking in Japan was unleashed.
The girls’ popularity vote is being carried out in a Japan online community. On 7that 3PM, among the current overall votes of 26456, Jessica obtained 5254 votes (19.9%), claiming the first place.
Yoona ranked second with 4482 votes (16.9%), and Taeyeon recorded 4295 votes (16.2%) in third spot. On the other hand, Sunny was standing at the ninth place with 590 votes (2.2%), but the final result cannot be predicted as the vote is continually in the process.
The citizens who learned about the news of this popularity vote came up with some comments such as: “Yoona, Jessica, Taeyeon’s popularities are the same as in Korea.”, “Unexpectedly, Yuri’s ranking is quite low.” 

Credits: TheSoneSource | Nate | Girls`Generation Universe

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