Hyoyeon at East Touch Magazine Issue 940!

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Hyoyeon at East Touch Magazine Issue 940!

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Hyoyeon Q and A on East Touch Magazine Issue 940

EastTouch: How do you feel about being chosen as Topshop’s ambassador?
Hyo: There’s no Topshop in Korea n I’m a Topshop supporter. I can only make use of the spare time during the concert in Japan to go shopping. Thus I’m very happy to be chosen. And I want to own all the new selection that I’ve tried. 

EastTouch: Which Topshop style do you like?
Hyo: As long as it’s pretty, I liked it all.

EastTouch: Topshop is a brand that is always releasing crossover, which brand would you like it to collaborate with?
Hyo: We have 9 members, each and everyone have a unique style. I would look forward to a collaboration on individual styles with Topshop.

EastTouch: If you could design something with Topshop, how would your design be?
Hyo: I love clothes that’s flashy, so my main focus would be more towards a glamorous party looking design. 

EastTouch: What is your favourite type of style?
Hyo: Although I love glamourous stage wear, I prefer wearing detailed n feminine clothes off stage. As long as it looks comfortable, I would love it. 
(I’m not really sure on this part, coz I’ve no fashion sense, LOL )

EastTouch: What individual activities are you busy with recently?
Hyo: I finished Japan Tour prior to the collaboration with Topshop. After this trip to HK, I will be preparing for our Asia Tour, and there’s definitely one in HK.

EastTouch: How do you feel about Hong Kong?
Hyo: I’ve actually came to HK several times, this is the third time this year. HK is good for shopping, I can get almost every brand I want in a shopping mall. In addition, the building designs are unique/special.

EastTouch: Any particular food in HK that’s unforgettable?
Hyo: There are many good food in HK, but I usually do not have time to try it all. However, I especially like Dim Sum and roast duck.

Trans by: pltang

Credits: East Touch Magazine | Girls‘ Generation Universe

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