Girls`Generation’s Yoona thanks everyone for celebrating her Birthday!


“Yoong’s 24th birthday♥
Starting about 2 years ago, when time went by, one year at a time
It felt like I was starting to lose the pleasure that comes with birthdays
But while having a birthday party with my members yesterday
And it must be because I received birthday wishes from so many people
But thinking that I am a happy person and am receiving love like this
It’s a full birthday that’s somewhat making me choke up^^
With birthday wishes that come into view wherever I go on the internet
I very very thankfully received the immense amount of love that fans have given me~
I will continue to become great and pretty so I can receive this great love^^
Today’s weather is nice, so I feel even better~
Everyone~~~~I love you~ Thank you♡
Let’s meet at the concert^^”



“*One cut with Syoung unnie who came late after her schedule yesterdayㅋ”

Credits: chosshi | Girls‘ Generation Universe

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