Girls`Generation’s Seohyun Casted in an Upcoming Drama ‘Passionate Love’


Seohyun has been casted in the upcoming SBS weekend drama, “Passionate Love”, for the role of Han Yurim, the first love of the drama’s male lead, Kang Mooyeol. 

Han Yurim (Seohyun) is a popular veterinary science university student with a smart brain, neat facial appearance, and warm heart. The male lead, a high school student, falls in love at first sight when he sees her and poses as a college student in order to date her. 

She will only appear in the first 4 episodes of the drama, Seohyun’s character will have influences in the overall flow of the story. 

The drama will air in October after “Wonderful Mama” ends.

Credits: Soshified | Korean | Girls‘ Generation Universe

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