Girls`Generation Hyoyeon’s Ex-Boyfriend for 2 Years Was Responsible for the Police Report Recently.


On April 1st, Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon was reported was reported for assault, which has been cleared right away. Also SM Entertainment further announced that the agency would be pursuing legal charges against those who had spread false rumors regarding Hyoyeon’s police investigation.

After that incident rumors has been heard that they were dating. A Source said, “That man (Writer Kim Jun Hyung) was actually Hyoyeon’s boyfriend. After that incident (April Fools’ Day & police reporting) the two kind of drifted but up, they were a couple. However, it’s not clear how their relationship is now. After the joking around that grew into a big issue, it seems it’ll be too burdensome for the two to continue to meet.”


SM Entertainment took action and responded quickly saying, the two were indeed a couple, but have broken up. It’s not clear whether they drifted apart with the recent April Fools’ Day incident, but a rep spoke on behalf of the agency, “Hyoyeon and Kim Jun Hyung have already broken up.”

Credits: Sports Seoul | Press | Korean | Girls‘ Generation Universe | SM 

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