Girls`Generation Celebrates Sooyoung’s 25th Birthday and Ginger’s Birthday!

Today, Feb.10th SNSD’s Sooyoung celebrates her 25th birthday and also the birthday of Taeyeon’s puppy Ginger.4Jessica posted a photo saying “happy 25th bday sy[心]”

6Seohyun posted the photo with edit on it saying “sooyoung unnie~~ happy birthday. everyone everyone!! send her lots and lots of birthday wishes~~^^ kkyak”

7Taeyeon also posted a photo saying “Congratulations and I love you a lot Sooyoung-ah #210”


Sunny also posted a photo saying, “We will live freely, thank you♡ #happybirthdaySY”

8 Taeyeon posted a photo of ginger saying, “my pretty baby^^ happy birthday. I love you, ginger #210”

Taeyeon also uploaded a video of them celebrating.

Ok bye............♡ #210

Credits: Korean | Instagram | Twitter | Girls‘ Generation Universe


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