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Girls`Generation Yoona’s Celebrates Her Birthday and Thanking Everyone!

19On May 30th SNSD’s Yoona celebrates her birthday and also other members posted photos greeting Yoona a Happy Birthday!


Yuri posted a photo saying, “Yoong-ah Happy Birthday Just like this, you’ve grown up..”


SNSD’s Sooyoung posted also a photo, “Happy bday yoong”!


SNSD’s Seohyun posted a pic saying, “Today is YoonA unnie’s birthday~~! I feel so blissful to be able to spend the whole day with unnie on your birthday image ㅋㅋ To be able to wish you happy birthday every year like this, you have no idea how happy i am~!! Due to practices, the 3 unnies who cannot get together to take photo sorry!!ㅜㅜ photo by Fany unnie”.

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Girls`Generation Yoona posted photos and thanking everyone.

From. YOONA: 

“Everyone❤Have you been doing well?
I am YoonA who is welcoming my 25th birthday^^Yoong birth day☆
Even though i am in Japan now, but i saw from the net, that not only from my country, many overseas fans are also wishing me happy birthday.
There are also people who help me to do things that i am not able to do. Gave me really cool birthday gifts^^
As each year pass, i will receive even more well wishes for my birthday each year, so i feel blissful and grateful❤
I want to convey my gratefulness through this passage to everyone who always give me different kind of presents and support during my promotion, and also coming out with all sorts of ideas to promote for me, who i can trust to stay by me and support me
Thankyou everyone^^
In order to repay you all, i will become prettier and cooler too~please anticipate it^^
I celebrated with my members in Japan when the clock struck 12am
It has been awhile since we gathered together, chitchatting to daybreakㅋ

I have been eating well and working hard, so please do not worry for me^^

Everyone who celebrated my birthday for me, i am really thankful to you all❤
The weather is getting warmer, do not get tired and hwaiting!!
I hope the time for me to meet with everyone will come soon^^
*Due to personal reasons, there are also members not in the photos too hehe❤”

Credits: Korean | Weibo | Twitter | Girls‘ Generation Universe


Girls`Generation’s Yoona at Defaye Black’s Event!


On April 11th, SNSD’s Yoona went to attend Defaye Black’s event.
iSH717jQFqKMuMore Photos:

Credits: Korean | STARNEWS | Defaye Black | Girls‘ Generation Universe

Girls`Generation’s Yoona at Alcon Freshlook Illuminate Launching Event!



SNSD’s Yoona at Alcon Freshlook Illuminate Launching Event.

More Photos:

Credits: Korean | Press | Alcon | Girls‘ Generation Universe