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Girls`Generation Seohyun’s Graduation from Dongguk University!

10350443_754987944546999_8891664796437015810_nToday August 21st 2014, SNSD Seohyun graduates from Dongguk University as a Theater Arts Major! check out more of her photos.


Seohyun also thanks everyone for congratulating her on her graduation day.

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 To everyone who congratulated me on my graduation~ I sincerely thank you^^ I will work hard to continue to grow as a member of society with a sense of responsibility and duty~! Thank you again to the many professors who taught me so much along the way!! My peers!! I love you♡Thank you”

More Photos Here:

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Girls`Generation’s TaeTiSeo will have their own reality show titled ‘The TaeTiSeo’.

2On August 13th, a representative  announced that they will have a reality show about SNSD’s sub-unit TaeTiSeo and also said “We’ll relieve viewers’ curiosity about what TaeTiSeo do during their free time, what they talk about when the three get together, shopping and vacations, makeup, fashion, food choices, etc. We plan to reveal TaeyeonTiffany, and Seohyun, three women in their twenties who dream of small rebellions, and their honest sides. We plan for you to meet the TaeTiSeo who aren’t on a glamorous stage.” 

‘The TaeTiSeo’ will air its 1st episode on August 25th at 11PM KST!

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Girls`Generation Seohyun’s Birthday Celebration and Gratitude!


On June 28th SNSD’s Seohyun celebrated her birthday and thankful to everyone who wished her a happy one!


“it’s my 7th birthday since debuting!^^
everyone who wished me a happy birthday~~! and my 8 precious unnies who gave me a party before the clock struck 12!ㅎ thank you all~
thanks to you all, I had a happy day^^
I love you all”


Seohyun’s Birthday Cake in “Love and Peace” Saitama JPN Concert!

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