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Girls`Generation’s ‘Mr. Mr.’ Music Video is Finally Out!

iIip524CegImFGirls`Generation’s ‘Mr. Mr.’ Music Video is Finally Out! 

SMEntertainment also added, “The cheerful message from Girls’ Generation to ‘Mr.’s all around the world.  The title song ‘Mr.Mr.’ from the new mini album of Girls’ Generation is done by world-famous producing team ‘The Underdogs’ who have worked with Beyonce, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and other famous celebrities.  The lyrics is about cheering messages from Girls’ Generation from ‘Mr.’s, saying ‘Be more aggressive, Mr., you are the one who made my heart beat.'”.

Image teaser Photos Here:

SNSD will also have their first comeback on March 6th on Music Bank.

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Girls`Generation’s Upcoming Music Video Will Possibly Be Delayed!


According to OSEN, during the editing process for Girls’ Generation’s music video on the 13th, a loss of data occurred resulting in a deletion of a portion of the footage. But they are already doing their best to recover the lost data at the moment. 

Also an SM Entertainment representative stated to OSEN as well as Newsen, “We are working to recover the data. We are currently in talks concerning their comeback schedule.”

According also to Insiders, this will really bring about a head to head competition between the group and 2NE1, for 2NE1’s MV isn’t scheduled for release until the 28th and the song will be performed during March as they kick off their ‘AON’ world tour.

SM planned to release their title track and music video on the 19th and their comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ on the 20th ahead of their album release on the 24th but due to problems their is a possibility that it will be moved. 

Photos Of Mr.Mr. MV Teaser

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Girls`Generation Reveals Their Image Teaser Video for ‘Mr. Mr.’!

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Seohyun tweeted about their new teaser video, “snsd’s teaser released!! called Mr.Mr.~ have you listened to it??ㅎ if there’s anyone who hasn’t, right now, gogo!♥”


Sunny also tweeted saying, “ah, what the.. soshi’s making a comeback?!?! that’s daebakㅋㅋㅋㅋ”@SMTOWNGLOBAL: COMEBACK! @GirlsGeneration!

Girls`Generation’s new song ‘Mr.Mr.’ will be released on Feb. 19th and the album will be released on Feb. 24th.

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